Website Optimization

Website Optimization

Your website is not merely a brochure, it is built to get sales, get more subscribers, get more leads, etc.  Most websites are measured with rankings and traffics, but not conversions.  Conversions bring the revenue. Most websites were not designed with conversions in mind. A website redesign can improve the revenue.

A website has to conform to W3C standards to be found.  A proper navigation and architecture ensure users not becoming frustrated and leaving too quickly.  Quality traffic affects the conversion, naturally targeted traffics convert better.  Visitors entering your website, are going through a sales funnel, only a small fractions of them would convert.

Your sales funnel, sales path or landing page should not distract your visitor to take your desired action, i.e. buy your product or services, or subscribe to your list.  The content has to be written to create a direct response from the visitors.  Do you know your visitor profiles?  Are you using the right keywords to target the right visitors?

Are you answering the questions of visitors landing to your site?  Visitors would usually search online to solve a problem.  Do you state your solution to their problem, what are the benefits?  Why should they choose you over your competition?  Do you provide answers to their questions?  Your content should drive your visitor to take action.  Do you have a backup response?  If they don’t buy, maybe they can sign up for the newsletter?

A professional “look and feel” site instills trust in your visitors.  Visitors expect the same look and feel across all pages.  If you deviate from the template, your visitors might get lost in the navigation.  Proper placement of headers, images, and using the right tone are all very important for a site to convert.  Offering guarantees, testimonials and showing professional association are some of the features of a trustworthy site.

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