Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is currently the fastest growing advertising medium, and there is no end in sight. Social media allows for very effective ROI called advocacy, also known as “word of mouth advertising.”  Social media users are the largest growing segment of the internet. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the largest social media companies with millions of users that your company should be connecting to.  Facebook exceeded Google for the number of daily searches in the US in 2010.

What is Social Media? These are essentially web 2.0 properties, or web applications that allow users to create, collaborate and exchange information.  They are also known as consumer-generated media (CGM.)  They promote free information interchange and social interaction.

When you set up your business on these social networks, you will be able to tap into the vast audience and users.  And by employing some SEO on your accounts set up, you will be able to rank for targeted keyword phrases on multiple places on the internet.

You build relationship with the users in the social networks by constant engagements with them such as sharing photos, videos, posts, announcing coupons, discounts, invitation to events, or notice of special sales, etc.   You will be able to promote your brand, build reputation, and drive traffic to your main business website.  Social media marketing is a Free or low cost way of local internet marketing that will increase sales to your business.

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