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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is about reaching your target audience via their mobile phones and devices that they use to search the internet. Americans have sent or received a text message. The average mobile phone subscriber sends nearly 200 text messages every month. When you look closer, at the age of 18 – 29 demographic, the adoption rate is 85%, for the 30 – 49 years old, the adoption rate is at 65% and is rising.

So there is a lot of texting in America.  According to Direct Marketing Association survey, 70% mobile texting users in their sample claimed that they had responded to a marketing text message. On the side note, the DMA said that only 30% of those surveyed responded to an email marketing campaign.

Mobile Marketing is about using a series of campaigns to nurture the potential customers, and converting them into sales.  For example, sending out Mobile Coupons, using SMS or text messages for offers, using QR codes with Google Local Places Favorites, and Facebook Fan Pages are some of the ways to engage potential customers.

Similar to email marketing, mobile marketing utilizes a list.  Users enter a numeric code to opt-into your list.  Once they opt-in, you can engage them in nurturing campaigns, send them coupons, announcements, specials, reminders, and etc.  Below are some of the ways different organization can benefit from mobile marketing:

Here are some examples:

  1. A bar owner can text his SMS list announcing Free Drinks at happy hour tonight, and get ready for the influx of customers.
  2. A made-up store can post a contest keyword code on a digital advertisement. A smart phone user can use the code to opt-in to join the contest.  The store owner can offer the winner some prizes, or discounts.  The buzz would bring a lot of interests to the store, and a large list of potential customers.
  3. A doctor can send appointment reminders, or any other announcements to her patients.
  4. A church can send sermons or announcements to members.

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