Local Business Listing

Local Business Listing

Most people are not using yellow pages anymore. They use the internet (95% of the total searches) or their mobile devices to look for local businesses and services. Did you know that 60% of Local Searches that take place on Google lead to sales? Search Engines like Google use the IP address on your computer or mobile device to recommend the closest services for your search.  IP addresses are like your home addresses.

Local businesses need to establish a web presence, so they can be found.  Some use pay per click to get listed on the top of their keyword or search phrases.  Some pay SEO companies to help them get organic rankings.  But there is also a FREE way to get targeted traffic or leads:  get listed on local online business directories.  (Local Listing Logos)

The top local business directory listings are:  Google, Yahoo and Bing.  The more listings a business has, the more free leads it receives, as Google gives more credits to these “Citations” as a social proof of your business legitimacy.  If you have a website, backlinks from the local directories will boost your website’s organic rankings.

It is very important to have all your listings to have consistent information, if search engines find different information, your listing becomes devalued.

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